Sports Package

17 Apr

It was the beginning of the American football season and the football bet sheets were beginning to circulate. I decided to play and with what little knowledge I had in football, I chose teams for the week. Out of the 5 pools I chose, I won the pool for 3. I was flying high on football. The following week the same thing occurred and I knew that I had the winning touch with sports.

One day I eavesdropped on a conversation regarding playing sports gambling online. I went home that night and looked into it in great detail. I found what I needed and wanted to know. Armed with this information,to a site I went. I placed bet after bet and kept winning in the same manner. Realizing that I couldn’t afford 2 gambling habits, I dropped out of the work football pool and continued with the online version. I spent hours being really happy over the sports I had to choose from and kept betting and winning about 50% of the time. My earnings were enormous by this time and so was my level of ego.

The taxman

In telling a friend about this new pastime I had, he explained to me that my earnings were subject to taxation. Wanting to avoid this at all costs I cut back on my playing. Once tax season came around, I began to see the truth of what I had done.

The lesson learned

Once the crying and the temper tantrums had subsided. I paid my taxes and considered heavily the smarter way to play. Grabbing my calculator and pencil, I began to figure out how I can break even with gaming and the treasury department. Though it took me 2 days and an interview with a tax consultant. I went back to play, with a little less assortment and a lot less earnings.

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Online Gambling Fever

22 Feb

width="300" height="250" align="left">Bitcoin Casinos are the fledgling new gambling sites. The legislation of Bitcoin Casinos varies from state to state. There are definitely some good things regarding these casinos. Making its introduction in 2009 bitcoin casinos are considered a peer to peer open source platform. Due to its lack of connection to any centralized bank the US Treasury refers to bitcoins as a “decentralized” currency. Bitcoins are often referred to as crypto currency, virtual currency or even cyber currency.

Bitcoin casino positives

Being anonymous is something that almost all gamblers want in both the virtual world as well as the real world. There aren’t any central banks associated with Bitcoin Casinos. Your Bitcoins are safely kept in an encrypted account. There is no tax reporting with Bitcoin Casinos and transactions can be immediate though may take up to 2 days. Bitcoins are completely legal can be purchased at a state registered wallet company, exchanges and even a friend. Bitcoin Casinos are generally full casinos and they provide sports gambling in American football, soccer and basketball this being the short list.

Bitcoins has burst on to the scene like an explosion. It popularity strength is most definitely gaining. One reason for this is that your bitcoins cannot be confiscated by any government.
Bitcoin offers the full casino packages for online play. Slot machines, poker and the as before mentioned sports odds.

New to Bitcoin checklist

New players should follow some steps prior to your Bitcoin play. This requires research.
• Licensed: Many have applied for licensing and have not yet been approved. The license will be posted on the site.
• Make sure the site is certified for casino games
• Familiarize yourself with the software platform reputations. Everyone wants to be part of a fair game
• Make sure your bitcoin banking is secure. In fact, make sure they offer the highest in security.
• The reputation of online gaming is important. Gambling is a game of chance anyway, be sure it is a fair chance.
Online gaming is legal, even though each state holds its own legislated regulations. Just remember currently Bitcoin does not have to hold true to many of these regulations as it is virtual money.

Bitcoin Casinos are not the only locations accepting bitcoins. You can use them on poker sites as well. You will be able to find a range of Bitcoin games not just limited to slot machines. But before you run off and start using your bitcoins, be sure the site you are using is again licensed and that the site has been independently tested and certified to be true and random.

Online gaming can be hours of fun, without having to be in any of the world wide gaming capitals. Based in the privacy of your own home, you can be completely relaxed and in your pajamas if this is how you choose.

Playing with ease and comfort

The Bitcoin Casino will and does give you the feel of a real casino without the bother of driving or expense of flying. Also open 24/7 you can spend your sleepless nights playing.
In just doing a little research you can find yourself truly playing the odds and relying on the random play of the platform. Something you can’t necessarily count on in a real casino.
Play in anonymity and without having the fear of the treasury looking at your winnings. Bitcoin casinos are the hottest and newest games in town. Play them now and have fun with it. In fact I think I will end here and play a little myself right now. Have fun and good luck.

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A Day at the Casinos

17 Mar

height="250" align="right">I went and visited my sister who lives near Atlantic City, New Jersey. Never having been to a casino, we thought it would be a great idea to go. So off we went the next afternoon to catch both the day life and night life in A.C. After walking down the boardwalk, grabbing a bite to eat, we finally entered her favorite gambling spot.
I was completely impressed never seeing this much of a crowd around anything much less the slot machines. After a quick tutorial. We began our playing. We had a courtesy card which entitled us to 1 free drink which we cashed in immediately.

Day quickly turned into night and I had just finished with the slot machines I played without one jackpot. I went to the Blackjack table and watched the excitement of people both winning and losing all the while thinking about the slots. After seeing a show, we doggedly headed for the car and drove back home. Stopping at an ice cream parlor to cure my depression about not hitting the jackpot once.

There is always tomorrow

Still feeling the sting of not winning a visitor came to my sister’s place and told me about online gambling and the variety of play that I could find there. She recommended some sites and then we just chatted away the rest of the evening.

My sister toddled off to bed and I stayed up blankly staring at the television thinking about the loss I had taken the night before. I grabbed my laptop and immediately went to one of the recommended sites. I looked at the amount of deposit and after no real consideration I moved forward. I went immediately to the slot machines as if picking up where I had left off. After a few rounds I did it. I hit the virtual jackpot. Headphones on I quietly cheered and continued playing, losing all I had gained.

Now determined to getting another jackpot, I went from site to site spending and losing. I began to tire and went to bed. The next night I began again, vowing if I should hit another jackpot, I would quit. Finally, the jackpot found me and I tucked my laptop away and went to bed.
The next day, still hiding this secret from my sister I was burning with desire to spend my reward,laughing occasionally to myself for having done what I set out to do. Eventually it came to me that I was being obsessed with the whole idea of gambling. I found that with the exception of the secrecy, I actually liked it more than my visit to Atlantic City. This realization began consuming me and with that I decided that I would not play and lose my winnings. I would and should be happy with the knowledge that I had won a reward of sorts. Though I really didn’t come close to breaking even. So with all these thoughts I climbed into my bed and went to sleep.

Sisters to the end

I woke up through the night hearing sounds from my sister. At first I thought she was in pain. I listened harder and heard laughter and the faint sounds of slot machines. I quietly walked down the hall becoming more secure in the knowledge of knowing what she was doing. Once reaching her door, I stood with excitement at watching her get caught playing online gambling. She looked at me and laughed. I ran down the hall, grabbed my laptop and plopped on her bed. That was sisterly bonding.

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